Polygraph Examination Services in Dallas, Texas

Thanks to our clients, we are now able to expand into a larger facility. For your convenience, we will be adding more examiners and investigators to help serve you better.
When the truth matters, count on the polygraph examination services of Dallas Polygraph Services in Dallas, Texas. We provide accurate polygraph examinations that are administered by an experienced, professional licensed polygraph examiner.
Our services also include investigation services, offsite polygraph testing, and we have a bilingual Spanish-speaking polygraph examiner.
The services we offer include:
  • Domestic & Infidelity Examinations
  • Employee Theft
  • Criminal & Civil Accusations
  • JPCOT Maintenance Examinations
  • Investigative Services

Dallas Polygraph Services

A.D. (Skip) Ensley began his polygraph career as a 1994 graduate of one of America's premier polygraph training schools, the Backster School of Lie Detection. Drawing on many years of experience as a former police officer, investigator, polygraph examiner, and consultant for law enforcement agencies across the country, his vision has helped shape our company into a respected polygraph company.
Skip Ensley understands the needs of the business community, and with his blend of hands-on law enforcement experience, in-depth knowledge of all aspects and applications of polygraph examinations, impeccable references, and savvy business acumen, Mr. Ensley a sought after investigator and examiner.
Contact us in Dallas, Texas, for more about our polygraph examination services when the truth matters regarding domestic situations, employee theft, or criminal situations. There is no charge for consultations.